Molding Concepts into Profits

Southwest Latex has broad experience in many industries requiring specific solutions for dip molding and coating applications.  No matter what your industry or which markets you serve, your success depends on innovative, differentiated products that grow revenue, improving margins, and build your brand and reputation.

We partner with you to understand your specific design and cost objectives, and develop specific solutions that result in superior quality, economically viable products. We understand that industries are diverse and distinctive and often require unique solutions. You can depend on us to engage with you, and to know your business environment and your needs.

Consumer Products

From sports and leisure, to lawn and garden., molding and coating solutions offer a wide range of applications that enhance the visual and tactile properties and add value to your product line. Our polymers create color, protection, and comfort to a wide range of consumer products resulting in increased impact on and off the shelf. The end result is consumer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Applications and products include:

1.  Sporting Goods - Grips, handles, protective caps

2.  Household - Latex and neoprene gloves, sleeves and caps for handles

3.  Hardware - Tool grips, plumbing fixture coatings, protective edge coatings

4.  Toys - Inflatables, masks, toy handle grips, metal protective coating

5.  Personal Care - Cast covers, product containers and sleeves


Whether it's a rubber seal or a protective sleeve, Southwest Latex is there. The applications for our plastisol, neoprene, and latex products are limited only by your imagination. Our goal is to help you manufacture products for industrial applications that enhance your products' performance, safety, and usability. We go well beyond materials to deliver the services and solutions that make you more competitive in your industry and essential to your customers’ businesses. Our application experience includes:

1.  Agriculture - Weather seals, grip coatings, protective trim sleeves and caps

2.  Material handling - Grips, polymer coated gloves, metal coating, edge coating and stripping

3.  Automotive - Interior trim, exterior trim, seals, components, and seat covers

4.  Building and Construction - Window seals, pipe fittings and caps, artificial stonework molds

5.  Electrical  - Non-conductive coating for tools, gloves, and metal components.


Southwest Latex understands the demand for innovative solutions in a the highly competitive healthcare industry. We focus on providing molding and coating solutions that deliver quantifiable, demonstrable and proven benefits that create real value and differentiation for our medical customers. Our polymer solutions meet a variety of critical manufacturing requirements specific to healthcare needs, including sterilization diversity, clear/transparent/colorable polymers, flexible elastomers, and chemical resistance. Applications and products include:

1.  Surgical Gloves - Ultra thin Latex and Neoprene gloves.

2.  Catheters and Cannula - Dip molded rigid and flexible clear or opaque properties

3.  Inflatable/Expandable Bladders - A variety of thicknesses, colors, and elastic properties

4.  Bulbs and Hand Pumps - Available in latex, neoprene, and plastisol

5.  Bandage Covers - A variety of protective bandage and wound covers


From prototype through finished product, look to us to provide complete support throughout the development and manufacturing process. To request a Quote, click here, or email us at