Molding Concepts into Profits

Southwest Latex  dip molding and coating products are created from the highest quality  natural and synthetic polymers available.  We specialize in applications requiring the properties of  natural latex rubber, neoprene, and plastisol compounds for a wide range of industries and end uses. The material selected will depend on your specific product's requirements, but all are very suitable for the production of complex shapes and sizes, and are available in a myriad of colors.  Each polymer  compound's specifications and property variables are available upon request, and we will guide you through the selection of the best solution to your molding or coating requirement.

Latex Rubber

Latex Rubber is the most basic polymer material produced today and it is a primary material used in our dip molding operations because of its strength, low cost, and wide applications demanded by the market. Our natural latex polymers have reduced protein content as established by FDA, and provide a wide array of properties and economies unmatched by synthetic alternatives.  Characteristics include:

•   Extremely thin barrier to external contaminants and biohazards

•   Provides comfort and tactile sensitivity for the user

•   Resistant to all acetonic solvents

•   Recommended for handling of isopropanol and ethanol

•   Cost-efficient

•   Superior mechanical and elastic properties


Neoprene (polychloroprene) was first developed in the 1930s as an oil-resistant substitute for natural latex rubber and was the first commercially available synthetic elastomer. Because of its strong physical properties, it is widely used in manufacturing and R&D facilities worldwide.  Characteristics include:

•   High level of protection from oxidizing agents such as alcohols, oils, and acids

•   Resistant to all acetonic solvents

•   Does not degrade in the presence of sun and/or ozone

•   Strong resistance to physical failures (cuts, runs, etc.)

•   Flame-resistant and maintains physical integrity in high temperatures


Plastisol is a name given to a group of polymer compounds used in the  dip molding and coating process.  Plastisol is a polymer vinyl compound which is in a liquid state at ambient temperatures. When Plastisol is heated to a known temperature, the Plastisol material fuses into a durable plastic - rubber like material.  After the application of heat energy, the Plastisol does not return to the liquid state.  The plastisol can be hard as glass or soft as a plastic fishing lure, clear or any color including fluorescent, the finish can be glossy to matte, or flat to grainy surface. Many plastisol compounds are used in applications meeting FDA non-toxic standards  Characteristics include

•   Broad durometer (hardness) specifications

•   Variety of colors and finishes (from gloss to matte)

•   Heat resistance

•   Electrical insulation

•   Color Matching


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